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Waterproofing & Damp Proofing

Africa Waterproofing & Painting is approved professional installer/applicator of all bituminous membrane torch-on applications (often referred to as Derbigum in the construction industry and Architects) cementations, as well as latex applications.

With many years of experience and knowledge in the waterproofing industry, it is our mission to identify and solve all types of challenging and often unique waterproofing problems. We have installed many a Multi level Boarded Torch-on system [MLB] on old iron roofs adding many years of remaining life to old problematic structres.

We execute waterproofing (torch-on [Derbigum] and cementious) and damp proofing projects for newly constructed sites and corrective waterproofing and damp proofing projects for problems on existing sites and structures.

Africa Waterproofing & Painting achieves long-lasting waterproofing systems performance by starting from a well-executed design, using choice quality products and entrusting the job to installers who can be relied upon to follow the manufacturers' directions and professional standards for workmanship. We are an accredited applicator of SealPro elastometric waterproofing products.

We contract to service bituminous torch-on membrane (Derbigum) waterproofing systems, which service intervals are generally prescribed by bituminous torch-on membrane manufacturers as every 30 months.

Damp Proofing your Home

When building any home, damp proofing is a very important consideration and should be done to proper specifications by the builders. Unfortunately reality is that this important process is often neglected resulting in damp being a costly problem in many homes.

We both install damp proofing materials (referred to as “tanking”) during building phase as well as remedial damp proofing (rising damp, falling damp and lateral damp) using several methods and materials to combat and solve it.

Damp Proofing


Africa Waterproofing & Painting are specialists in the industrial and decorative painting process. We believe that any painting application, (interior or exterior) to any building, is not only a 'look good' investment but is also a financial investment that should be long lasting and stand the test of time. We have height and rope access capabilities. We know what it takes to execute complete a project neatly, completely and on time.

Soil Drainage

Apart from waterproofing & painting, Africa Waterproofing is also offers soil effective soil drainage solutions for water logged areas, using systems such as geo-pipe, bidim membrane and concrete stone, torch-on bituminous membrane sub soil installed with back filling therafter
to ensure lasting, permanent solutions.

Polyurethane Linings

Industrial sprayed-on polyurethane is 100% solid, VOC free, and has the ability to flex and expand to a degree, with thermal expansion and contraction, making it an appropriate liner for a number of applications and surfaces.

Africa Waterproofing and Painting - Our Clients

Africa Waterproofing & Painting serves clients over the full economic spectrum in the commercial, public and residential environments.

Our business clients include:
-Shopping Centres
-Multi-Level and High Rise buildings
-Mini Factory Units / Complexes
-Warehouse Factories & Hangers.

Our Residential Clients include:
-Private residential estate and traditional designhomes
-Residential Estates (Body Corporates)
-Duplexes and Town House Complexes
-Apartment Buildings & Flats

Vicafil Insulation:
Vermiculite is one of the most effective insulation materials on the market. Granules containing millions of minute air layers give an incredible degree of insulation.Warm air escaping and cold air penetrating a home is halted by the layer of vermiculite.

Because Vermiculite is lightweight, sterile, non-toxic, non-fibrous and easy to handle, it makes an ideal D.I.Y. Product. It's quick and easy to install and saves both money and fuel.

Vermiculite adds hardly any additional weight to the ceiling.

Vermiculite creates no health hazard guaranteeing you an environmentally safe home.

Vermiculite is both inexpensive to have installed. Highly effective insulation can save you a small fortune over a short period of time. We are all aware of the cost of heating our homes in winter and without adequate insulation this heat simply escapes through the ceiling. You cannot afford to be without Vermiculite.

-Does not attract moisture
-Insoluble in water

Call us today for the most comprehensive waterproofing services in the industry.


Felt the work carried out by Africa Waterproofing and Painting was thorough and of a high quality.Where I noticed  a problem it was soon rectified and Roland was happy to check on site to see it had been done.
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It was an extreme pleasure working with you and everything was handled in such a professional manner.
The work was finished on time and workmanship was never compromised, great job well done and we will definitely use Africa Waterproofing & Painting in the future.
Facilities Manager, Ad Outpost

Absolutely professional - prices quoted reasonable and always accommodates to meet out time frame when needed.
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The work done by Africa Waterproofing Painting was professional, their quote was reasonable, and what I appreciated most was the follow-up treatment I received. About 8 months into the guarantee they give, I thought that something was wrong (which turned out not to be) and they came to Pretoria to check the situation. Every time I phoned them (before and after job completion) they were available, friendly and helpful.
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We have been so happy with the service, the weather has not played along, we had a frantic storm not 2 hours after the waterproofing. Not one leak. Very very happy.
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