Africa Waterproofing

Africa Waterproofing & Painting, has its origin Western Cape, but transferred skills to the Gauteng 2007. The focus is primarily on roof waterproofing but, due to customer demand and a continuously fluctuating market, we also do painting and damp proofing. During 2012 the company Shift Pro Transport CC, new shareholders, took over the staff, some assets and the name of the business. We operate as Africa Waterproofing & Painting and we handle both large and small projects.

Water damage can also be harmful to your health. Water contains bacteria and fungi, especially rain water and this can be extremely unsanitary. Black water can be as destructive to your health as water can be to an unprotected roof. But, here at Africa Waterproofing & Painting, well make sure that your home stays dry and safe thanks, to our prompt and expedient services. We own and control our homes and water should be used and controlled and not wreak havoc. Here we give you the means of protecting yourself against the elements and therefore the means to use water to your advantage and to the benefit of your family.
Waterproofing your home, especially in our varied climate, is absolutely essential. Water can be very destructive and an unprotected home can accrue countless amounts of damage. Water damage can be easy to spot and usually appears as yellowish stains on the ceiling. It's important to remedy the problem immediately. Water can leak through an unprotected roof and mould the paint, damage the walls and completely ruin your furniture which, in turn, can cost you more than just a waterproofing job. Not only can our services protect your home from water damage but, in the long run, it can also save you money and boost the value of your property.

We will assist with your waterproofing needs. Staying dry is just a phone call away.