Sheet & Torch On Membrane Waterproofing

Sheet membrane waterproofing or sheet membranes are designed to stop water transfer, and this makes them a crucial component for rooftops, podiums, walls, water features, balconies, retaining walls and anywhere else that water may transfer through and cause damage. They are an ideal choice for high traffic areas thanks to their resilience.

Torch on membranes are simply waterproof membranes that are welded to the underlying substrate using a torch. This welding process ensures the best substrate bonding and best bonding between membranes. The success of this method is ensured with the right application knowledge and experience, and few other companies can match our experience for torch on membranes.

Depending on the area of the building, substrate, building condition and environmental factors, sheet membranes may be applied using a different bonding method. Regardless of the method chosen, we guarantee our services in providing complete water protection.

Torch On Waterproofing Membrane

Torch on membranes use a mixture of polymers and bitumen on a reinforced base for superior performance in cold weather and high tensile strength.

Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid membranes and coatings provide flexible and resilient waterproofing for all building details, including rooftops, balconies, terraces, planter boxes, detention tanks, water features, retaining walls, wet areas and decorative fašades.

Sheet Waterproofing Membrane (Green Star rated TPO's)

Sheet membranes can be applied to almost all horizontal areas that require waterproofing, including rooftops and podiums. All types of sheet membrane are excellent for long term waterproofing.

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