Commercial Waterproofing Contractor Services & Solutions

Africa Waterproofing offers a range of commercial waterproofing contractors services for existing or new buildings. We analyse the requirements and the specifications of each building to determine the best waterproofing solution.

There are many common issues found during commercial building analysis, such as:

It can often be difficult to find the source of a leak, but the signs of water damage are much easier to spot. On the outside, the corrosion of facades can become visible quickly, and on the inside, common signs include the smell of damp and mildew, rotting timbres, and the degradation of metal supports such as beams, flashings, frames and lintels. Rotting floor coverings are another common sign.

Africa Waterproofing's commercial waterproofing contractors services are backed by years of experience and a team of fully qualified, fully compliant experts, offering a range of services that match the demands of buildings in the commercial sector. Our services include torch on membranes, sheet membranes, joint sealing, insulation and pebbles, paving and tiling and epoxy coatings. We offer preventative services for new and existing buildings, with coverage including rooftops and roofing structures, balconies, water features, plant rooms and planter boxes, retaining walls, structural joints, flashing, decking and podiums.

You can use our expertise to find out where a leak originates, and we also provide membrane/sealant replacement and restoration services. You can be sure that all of our applications will be fully compatible with the building materials in question, which is important for applying new sealant and joining new membranes with existing membranes.

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