Airless Spray Painting of Roofs

An airless spray painting system gives a glass-smooth layer of coating over surfaces that is practically impossible to achieve using a brush or roller.

Africa Waterproofing takes full pride in providing a comprehensive range of airless spraying techniques for our customers across Gauteng. Airless spray painting services include advanced roof painting, complete cladding and flame-retardant coatings. Our excellent services are only matched by the quality of workmanship we provide.

How Does Airless Spray Painting Work?

It is viscosity and surface tension that hold liquids together and atomisation dissipates these to produce a mist of droplets instead of a continuous mass of fluid. In airless spray painting systems the energy produced by the high pressure that is injected into the paint is strong enough to achieve atomisation.

The paint is pushed through a hose then out of a minute hole in the tip of a spray gun where it exits in a continuous stream under extremely high pressure. However, when it comes into contact with the air it breaks up into a spray of extremely small droplets.

It is the size of the orifice in the spray nozzle that determines the amount of liquid that exits the gun as well as the fan-shaped spray pattern. There are a range of tips to control the atomization resulting in different spray patterns and sizes.

Why Is Airless Spray Painting Better?

1. Airless spray painting units are ideal for onsite paint spraying because they can be transported easily. The motors are not too heavy as they are usually less than 1 hp.

2. The technique of Airless spray painting is very versatile in that it can be used in interiors and exteriors on a variety of different types of projects ranging from roller shutter doors to huge expanses of metal cladded roofs.

3. If you want to complete a recoating project quickly, then airless spray painting is the method to choose. Paint can be applied up to four times as quickly as with a brush and twice as fast as a roller. This can save up to 75% of labour time.

4. As the airless spray painting technique covers large surface areas so quickly, project managers don't have to wait for long stretches of good weather to schedule in exterior projects such as painting roofs.

5. With Airless Paint Spraying, not only does the liquid flow out from the gun quickly and easily, it lays paint on a surface evenly unlike brushes or rollers which leave ridges in the coating.

6. The uniform layer of paint produced by airless spray painting is perfect for rough, damaged and textured surfaces such as peeling paint on cladding.

7. With Airless spray painting the coating applied is thick, so not as many coats are needed as in other methods.

8. Airless Paint spraying provides a flawless finish.

9. Unlike the electrostatic method which doesn't suit water based paints or paints containing metallic particles, any type of liquid can be applied using an airless gun.

10. Because an airless sprayer applies a very ‘wet' coating, this results in good adhesion and the coating is less likely to fail and more likely to last for a long time.

Our airless spray painting technique is ideal for vertical cladding and large surfaces like walls and ceilings for retail stores, shopping centres, factories and warehouses. Doing larger interior or exterior surfaces by means of airless spray painting instead of traditional painting methods can reduce the time spent on the project by up to 80%, making it more cost effective than traditional painting methods.

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